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HSC chemistry

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Module 1 | Production of materials

Focus 2: Some scientists research the extraction of materials from biomass to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels

Lesson 1 | Cellulose

  • Identify that cellulose contains the basic carbon-chain structures needed to build petrochemicals and discuss its potential as a raw material

  • The following outcomes are covered in Focus 1 Lesson 1

    *Discuss the need for alternative sources of the compounds presently obtained from the petrochemical industry 

    *Describe the structure of cellulose and identify it as an example of a condensation polymer found as a major component of biomass

  • The following outcomes are covered in Focus 1 Lesson 2

    *Explain what is meant by a condensation polymer

    *Describe the reaction involved when a condensation polymer is formed

    *Use available evidence to gather and present data from secondary sources and analyse progress in the recent development and use of a named biopolymer. This analysis should name the specific enzyme(s) used or organism used to synthesise the material and an evaluation of the use or potential use of the polymer produced related to its properties

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