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HSC chemistry

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Module 1 | Production of materials

Focus 5: Nuclear chemistry provides a range of materials

Lesson 1 | Stability of a nucleus

  • Distinguish between stable and radioactive isotopes and describe the conditions under which a nucleus is unstable

Lesson 2 | Uses of radioisotopes

  • Identify one use of a named radioisotope:
    – in industry
    – in medicine

  • Describe the way in which the above named industrial and medical radioisotopes are used and explain their use in terms of their properties

  • Use available evidence to analyse benefits and problems associated with the use of radioactive isotopes in identified industries and medicine

Lesson 3 | Production of transuranic elements and commercial radioisotopes

  • Describe how transuranic elements are produced

  • Describe how commercial radioisotopes are produced

Lesson 4 | Instruments to detect radiation

  • Identify instruments and processes that can be used to detect radiation

Lesson 5 | Recent discoveries of elements

  • Process information from secondary sources to describe recent discoveries of elements

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