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HSC chemistry

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Module 2 | Acidic environment

Focus 5: Esterification is a naturally occurring process which can be performed in the laboratory

Lesson 1 | Esters

  • Outline some examples of the occurrence, production and uses of esters

  • Process information from secondary sources to identify and describe the uses of esters as flavours and perfumes in processed foods and cosmetics

  • Identify the IUPAC nomenclature for describing the esters produced by reactions of straight-chained alkanoic acids from C1 to C8 and straight-chained primary alkanols from C1 to C8

Lesson 2 | Differences between alkanol and alkanoic acid

  • Describe the differences between the alkanol and alkanoic acid functional groups in carbon compounds

  • Explain the difference in melting point and boiling point caused by straight-chained alkanoic acid and straight-chained primary alkanol structures

Lesson 3 | Preparation of an ester

  • Identify esterification as the reaction between an acid and an alkanol and describe, using equations, examples of esterification

  • Identify data, plan, select equipment and perform a first-hand investigation to prepare an ester using reflux

  • Describe the purpose of using acid in esterification for catalysis

  • Explain the need for refluxing during esterification

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