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HSC chemistry

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Module 3 | Chemical monitoring and management

Focus 3: Manufactured products, including food, drugs and household chemicals, are analysed to determine or ensure their chemical composition

Lesson 1 | Evidence for need to monitor levels of ions

  • Gather, process and present information to describe and explain evidence for the need to monitor levels of one of the above ions in substances used in society

Lesson 2 | Testing for ions and determining ions in unknown samples

  • Deduce the ions present in a sample from the results of tests

  • Perform first-hand investigations to carry out a range of tests, including flame tests, to identify the following ions:
    – phosphate
    – sulfate
    – carbonate
    – chloride
    – barium
    – calcium
    – lead
    – copper
    – iron

Lesson 3 | Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)

  • Describe the use of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) in detecting concentrations of metal ions in solutions and assess its impact on scientific understanding of the effects of trace elements

  • Gather, process and present information to interpret secondary data from AAS measurements and evaluate the effectiveness of this in pollution control

Lesson 4 | Sulfate content of lawn fertiliser

  • Identify data, plan, select equipment and perform first-hand investigations to measure the sulfate content of lawn fertiliser and explain the chemistry involved

  • Analyse information to evaluate the reliability of the results of the above investigation and to propose solutions to problems encountered in the procedure

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