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Preliminary physics

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The study of physics relies on the understanding and application of a small number of basic laws and principles that govern the microscopic and macroscopic worlds. There are 53 lessons in the HSC Study Lab Preliminary physics course, which corresponds to the 120 indicative hours of study required by the syllabus.

Module 1 | The world communicates

  • The wave model can be used to explain how current technologies transfer information
  • Features of a wave model can be used to account for the properties of sound
  • Recent technological developments have allowed greater use of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Many communication technologies use applications of reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic waves have potential for future communication technologies and data storage technologies
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Module 2 | Electrical energy in the home

  • Society has become increasingly dependent on electricity over the last 200 years
  • One of the main advantages of electricity is that it can be moved with comparative ease from one place to another through electric circuits
  • Series and parallel circuits serve different purposes in households
  • The amount of power is related to the rate at which energy is transformed
  • Electric currents also produce magnetic fields and these fields are used in different devices in the home
  • Safety devices are important in household circuits
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Module 3 | Moving about

  • Vehicles do not typically travel at a constant speed
  • An analysis of the external forces on vehicles helps to understand the effects of acceleration and deceleration
  • Moving vehicles have kinetic energy and energy transformations are an important aspect in understanding motion
  • Change of momentum relates to the forces acting on the vehicle or the driver
  • Safety devices are utilised to reduce the effects of changing momentum
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Module 4 | The cosmic engine

  • Our Sun is just one star in the galaxy and ours is just one galaxy in the Universe
  • The first minutes of the Universe released energy which changed to matter, forming stars and galaxies
  • Stars have a limited life span and may explode to form supernovas
  • The Sun is a typical star, emitting electromagnetic radiation and particles that influence the Earth
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