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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 1 | The chemical Earth

Focus 1: The living and non-living components of the Earth contain mixtures

Lesson 1 | Matter on Earth

  • Identify the difference between elements, compounds and mixtures in terms of particle theory.

  • Identify that the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere contain examples of mixtures of elements and compounds.

Lesson 2 | Separation & analysis of mixtures

  • Identify and describe procedures that can be used to separate naturally occurring mixtures of:
    – solids of different sizes
    – solids and liquids
    – dissolved solids in liquids
    – liquids
    – gases

  • Assess separation techniques for their suitability in separating examples of earth materials, identifying the differences in properties which enable these separations.

  • Identify data sources, gather, process and analyse information from secondary sources to identify the industrial separation processes used on a mixture obtained from the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere or atmosphere and use the evidence available to:
    – identify the properties of the mixture used in its separation
    – identify the products of separation and their uses
    – discuss issues associated with wastes from the processes used

  • Describe situations in which gravimetric analysis supplies useful data for chemists and other scientists.

Lesson 3 | Separation of a simple mixture

  • Identify data sources, plan, choose equipment and perform a first-hand investigation to separate the components of a naturally occurring or appropriate mixture such as sand, salt and water.

  • Gather first-hand information by carrying out a gravimetric analysis of a mixture to estimate its percentage composition.

Lesson 4 | Writing and balancing chemical equations

  • Construct word and balanced formulae equations of chemical reactions as they are encountered.

  • Gather and present information from first-hand or secondary sources to write equations to represent all chemical reactions encountered in the Preliminary course.

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