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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 2 | Metals

Focus 1: Metals have been extracted and used for many thousands of years

Lesson 1 | History of metals

  • Analyse information to relate the chronology of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the modern era and possible future developments.

  • Outline and examine some uses of different metals through history, including contemporary uses, as uncombined metals or as alloys.

  • Explain why energy input is necessary to extract a metal from its ore.

  • Identify why there are more metals available for people to use now than there were 200 years ago.

Lesson 2 | Metal alloys

  • Describe the use of common alloys including steel, brass and solder and explain how these relate to their properties.

  • Gather, process, analyse and present information from secondary sources on the range of alloys produced and the reasons for the production and use of these alloys.

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