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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 2 | Metals

Focus 2: Metals differ in their reactivity with other chemicals and this influences their uses

Lesson 1 | Reactivity of metals

  • Describe and justify the criteria used to place metals into an order of activity based on their ease of reaction with oxygen, water and dilute acids.

  • Describe observable changes when metals react with dilute acid, water and oxygen.

  • Construct word and balanced formulae equations for the reaction of metals with water, oxygen, dilute acid.

  • Perform a first-hand investigation incorporating information from secondary sources to determine the metal activity series.

  • Outline examples of the selection of metals for different purposes based on their reactivity, with a particular emphasis on current developments in the use of metals.

Lesson 2 | Metal reactivity and electron transfer

  • Identify the reaction of metals with acids as requiring the transfer of electrons.

  • Construct half-equations to represent the electron transfer reactions occurring when metals react with dilute hydrochloric and dilute sulfuric acids.

  • Identify the importance of first ionisation energy in determining the relative reactivity of metals.

  • Outline the relationship between the relative activities of metals and their positions on the Periodic Table.

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