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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 2 | Metals

Focus 4: For efficient resource use, industrial chemical reactions must use measured amounts of each reactant

Lesson 1 | The Mole

  • Define the mole as the number of atoms in exactly 12g of carbon-12 (Avogadro’s number)

  • Solve problems and analyse information from secondary sources to perform calculations involving Avogadro’s number and the equation for calculating the number of moles of a substance:


Lesson 2 | Mole theory

  • Describe the contribution of Gay Lussac to the understanding of gaseous reactions and apply this to an understanding of the mole concept.

  • Recount Avogadro’s law and describe its importance in developing the mole concept.

Lesson 3 | Moles and chemical equations

  • Compare mass changes in samples of metals when they combine with oxygen.

  • Process information from secondary sources to interpret balanced chemical equations in terms of mole.

  • Process information from secondary sources to investigate the relationship between the volumes of gases involved in reactions involving a metal and relate this to an understanding of the mole.

Lesson 4 | Empirical and molecular formulae

  • Distinguish between empirical formulae and molecular formulae.

  • Perform a first-hand investigation to measure and identify the mass ratios of metal to non-metal(s) in a common compound and calculate its empirical formula.

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