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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 2 | Metals

Focus 5: The relative abundance and ease of extraction of metals influences their value and breadth of use in the community

Lesson 1 | Ores and minerals

  • Define the terms mineral and ore with reference to economic and non-economic deposits of natural resources.

  • Explain why ores are non-renewable resources.

  • Discuss the importance of predicting yield in the identification, mining and extraction of commercial ore deposits.

  • Describe the relationship between the commercial prices of common metals, their actual abundances and relative costs of production.

Lesson 2 | Extraction of copper

  • Describe the separation processes, chemical reactions and energy considerations involved in the extraction of copper from one of its ores.

Lesson 3 | Recycling aluminium

  • Recount the steps taken to recycle aluminium.

  • Analyse information to compare the cost and energy expenditure involved in the extraction of aluminium from its ore and the recycling of aluminium.

  • Justify the increased recycling of metals in our society and across the world.

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