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Preliminary chemistry

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Module 3 | Water

Focus 1: Water is distributed on Earth as a solid, liquid and gas

Lesson 1 | Water on Earth

  • Compare the state, percentage and distribution of water in the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

  • Outline the significance of the different states of water on Earth in terms of water as:
    – a constituent of cells and its role as both a solvent and a raw material in metabolism
    – a habitat in which temperature extremes are less than nearby terrestrial habitats
    – an agent of weathering of rocks both as liquid and solid
    – a natural resource for humans and other organisms

  • Define the terms solute, solvent and solution.

  • Identify the importance of water as a solvent.

Lesson 2 | Density of water

  • Analyse information by using models to account for the differing densities of ice and liquid water.

Lesson 3 | Effects of solutes on water

  • Plan and perform an investigation to identify and describe the effect of anti-freeze or salt on the boiling point of water.

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