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new science syllabus

All the content of the new syllabuses is covered comprehensively through video lessons and animations by expert teachers, games and simulators based on the lesson content, and hundreds of practice questions. We have also addressed the requirements of the new mandated Working Scientifically and Depth Studies content.

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  • HSC Study Lab course
    Course content is covered through video lessons and animations, games and simulators, and hundreds of practice questions

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    Hundreds of practice questions in the form of lesson quizzes and focus, module, and course level tests

  • HSC Study Lab syllabus
    All inquiry questions covered

  • HSC Study Lab videos
    All practical work is covered through experiment videos or simulators

  • HSC Study Lab online
    Catch up online if you missed a class

  • HSC Study Lab revision
    Revision tool for HSC preparation

  • HSC Study Lab objectives
    Based on the aims and objectives of the NSW syllabus

  • HSC Study Lab teachers
    Delivered by expert NSW year 11 and 12 teachers with extensive experience in marking

  • HSC Study Lab 24/7
    Courses are available online 24/7 anytime anywhere

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